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Inmon Consulting Services

About ICS

ICS goal is to make you and your organization self sufficient. We don’t believe that it is in your organization’s best interest to have an eternal parade of consulting help that drains your budget.

ICS is completely vendor unbiased. We are independent and work well with all vendors of technology. We work for your interests without trying to sell you products or services.

ICS works with a cadre of well known and experienced consultants. Some of the consultants we work with are:

  • Derek Strauss
  • Genia Neushloss
  • Cheryl Estep, and others

In addition to our small but talented staff, we have access to some of the best independent consulting minds in the industry, which we work with on a subcontract basis.

At ICS we do NOT load a bunch of rookies on you and charge full rates, believing that the rookies weren’t going to make mistakes.


Typical Projects

ICS White Papers – whenever it comes time for a new announcement or a new product release, a good way to catch the attention of the audience you want to speak to is through an ICS white paper. One feature of Bill Inmon’s white papers is that there are always some non sales related nuggets of information in the paper. That makes the paper interesting, making reader receptive to Bill’s white papers. In addition Bill is happy to feature highlights of your product as part of the discussion.

ICS Webinars
Having conducted over 100 webinars, ICS is expert at saying interesting things while setting the stage for you to showcase your products.

BASEL II Architectural Compliance Review
Organizations are building Basel II data warehouses right now. While a Basel II data warehouse shares some characteristics as other data warehouses, a Basel II data warehouse has the requirement of needing to be audited. This alters the classical data base design in a profound way. Having an in-depth review and analysis is the right way to get your Basel II efforts off the ground and running.

Teradata Cost Containment
Teradata solves some of the more important issues of data warehousing and has for years. Unfortunately Teradata costs a lot. This review service shows you how to create and maintain an effective Teradata environment without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for your infrastructure. Come learn today how you can lessen your costs going to your infrastructure.

Joint Proposals (with consulting firms) – Architecture, Inmon’s DW 2.0™, Unstructured Data Warehouse
We help organizations write proposals for consulting work that relate to Architecture, Inmon’s DW 2.0™, and Unstructured Data Warehousing. A typical arrangement is for us to partner with you in the writing of proposals. Then when it comes time to deliver the consulting work, we staff a few key elements of the project. You get the benefit of our experience and credentials, as well as the assurance that when the contract is delivered that you have the right help with the right background.

Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse
While the rest of the world was worrying about building a 1st generation data warehouse, we were doing research and building data warehouses with unstructured data. Quite frankly, when it comes to knowing what to do with unstructured data and how it needs to be handled, no one beats ICS. If you are going to be building an unstructured data warehouse, you need to be talking to ICS.

In house classes and certification for Inmon’s DW 2.0™
Let’s face it – 1st generation data warehouses are not what your company needs. In order to maximize the value for your data warehouse, you need a modern architecture – Inmon’s DW 2.0™. If you have a group of people who need their skills brought up to speed, why not try an in house course? We also offer certification with the course. Once certified, the person can put Inmon’s DW 2.0™ certified on their resume. And we will advertise their certification on our web site.

Data Warehouse Design
When it comes to data warehouse design, experience counts. Bill Inmon and his colleagues have probably seen more data warehouses in more countries than anyone. Let Bill and his colleagues share their experiences with you. In this role we act either is an advisory or a review capacity, or in a lead capacity, whatever meets your needs.

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